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Just a great place to experience, especially when there was a full moon.
samuel carpenter
Class of 1977
Although 50+ years have dimmed my memories of the tree house, one memory that remains as vivid as ever is the incredible creativity of the tree house - the spaces worked in harmony with the tree, the unusual geodesic dome - and other unique windows, the amazingly simple and just as amazingly comfortable wooden seats, the play of light on angles and curves. There was magic of being in the trees, hearing the sounds, feeling the slight movements, being away from the buzz of the campus. The picture I'm attaching shows one of those unique windows that I haven't seen in the other pictures, a beautiful arched window with eight segmented triangular panes showing off reflections of the tree. I am very thankful that I was able to be a part of this now wonderful legend!
Deborah Hutchinson Gove
Class of 1974