The Tree House Diary and Timeline


A scanned version of the original diary is shown above. Below are some transcribed quotes that capture some of the feelings, apprehensions, challenges, and triumphs of the Treehouse Era.


P.S. It was blowing like a bastard up there and the tree was acting like a wet noodle. You guys sure you want a second floor?


Say guys, there’s no way that hatch will open with the 4 tree trunks leaning over it!


Mrs. Wonnacott + treehouse gang are having tea at 3:00pm at the treehouse of course you punks.


Made rope ladder which came out 5′ too short.


Re-drilled holes. Bought square crayon, hacksaw, hammer (sledge). Placed 7 foundational struts for 1st floor (hooray). All looks good and level


It’s god damn hot today . . .Tucker put his foot through a nail (in the dorm), John is not stoned, Dan is hanging out — that stupid literature jock. Last night David was a dumb waiter (how goddamn appropriate).


Hank [the name for the treehouse] creaked all night long (gusts up to 40 knots) so John and Stones are a little perturbed. At about 3am having broken out in a cold sweat for the past 5 hours we said “to hell with this horse shit” and went to sleep


It was misty and wet and cold. We started the second floor and almost did half of it. I checked overnight romantic potential of Hank. Hank definitely has potential.


Oscar the tree frog is back. He was chirping and causing a general ruckus today. He went down the dumb waiter. ALL RIGHT!

  • All windows and north wing shingled. Financially, the T.H. corporation is ruined but we press on at all costs (Hah)

New room practically finished. Old stove moved into new room and old stove lifted into downstairs — all leaks in stove fixed and ready for stoking. All waterproofed except western porch. Needs lots of insulation. We need money!


We sat around for a while and enjoyed the warm fulfillment of one of our biggest dreams